Aces and Douces Drawing will be held 9/14/2020. Get yours today!

There are several numbers still available for the Aces and Douces drawing. You don’t need to be present to win the prizes. How to play: Pick an envelope with a number written on it (a playing card is placed in each envelope), donate $5, add your contact information on the bottom of the envelope then give it back to the counter person. Keep in mind that each envelope is sealed and taped already/noone person knows what playing card the envelopes contain. They are all put into a stack together. They will be opened by our non-profit board President on the drawing date with a witness. We will contact you if you win the prizes listed below.

The drawing is being held on 8/14/2020. If your envelope contains either the Ace of Diamonds or the Douce of Diamonds your a winner!!!!!!

First prize $100 for the Ace of diamonds. Second prize for the Douce of diamonds $30.

Thank you for participating and Good Luck!