What We Are

We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization that provides a drug/alcohol and weapon-free club, designed to provide a relaxing atmosphere for those individuals who want a refreshing change of pace among friends. We have no paid employees and volunteers are our only workers.

Current Hours of operation upstairs: 10AM-8:30PM everyday except for days when there are events scheduled. You can always reach out and give us a call.

The Serenity Club’s basement is a host 12-step meetings every day of the week. On Weekdays, meetings are held as early as 8 AM and as late as midnight. A list of all meetings held at the Serenity Club can be obtained at the club counter upon request.

Donations are encouraged, we currently do not receive any funding except donated funds and memberships. Tax ID: available upon request.

Who We Are

The Serenity Club was established by a group of people in recovery who recognized the need for a place to socialize and relax. A special place that would not only provide a healthy environment, but also encourage fellowship and stability among recovering members.

In other words, the Serenity Club offers a great opportunity for those fresh out of treatment or anyone interested in making needed friends in recovery. We offer an atmosphere based upon the therapy and restoration of human dignity. We recognize the achievements of various 12-step programs and pledge ourselves to work and cooperate with those fellowships.

As a 501c3 organization we have a Nonprofit Board that is responsible for management of the facility (who are voted in by members at the bi-annual business meeting).

There is a monthly Board meeting the 3rd Sunday of each month at 10 AM. In the meeting the Board addresses issues or matters of importance for the faculty or any issues raised to the board by our members.

Our current Board Members are:

Chief: Richard Vitasinski; Vice Chairperson: Dave Dewald; Treasurer: Tim Perdue; Secretary: Rebecca Bucala; Srgt of Arms: Anthony B.; Board Member: Steve Brady; Board Member: Suzanne Tripp

We encourage our community members to purchase an annual membership. Our annual membership provides a voice and voting rights at the monthly membership meetings on subjects/issues concerning the club held on the 3rd Wendsday of every month @ 6PM.

Donations are encouraged, we currently do not receive any funding except donated funds and membership dues. Tax ID: available upon request.

We are not just a facility playing host to meetings

At the Serenity Club, families are important. Family members under 16 years of age are welcome, under supervision. Monthly dances are held usually on Saturday nights. Other events are held through-out the month and are posted on the Facebook page and our website. Guests, first time visitors and the community are welcome and invited to visit. We have daily pool playing, board games, music, snacks, coffee and soda, and board games-please feel free to join us during normal business hours.